5 Must Have Apps for your Apple Watch in 2017

  • 2 min read

The Apple Watch has fairly small range of apps available compared to the app store however that does not deter from the must have gems that can be found below!

Best Apple Watch Apps

1. Best Weather App

Oz Weather Plus - Australia

This app has all the essential weather information sourced directly from the Bureau of Meteorology, which calls for precise forecasts, rainfall predictions and complications that puts weather updates to your watch face elegantly. 

I have personally used various other weather apps however Oz Weather Plus to be the most reliable and quickest to update. A further plus is that I've only ever had one issue with the application where a bug was introduced that stopped the weather complication from displaying on my Apple Watch - this was however quickly rectified through a support email. So props to the developer also!


2. Best Step Counter App


If you're like me and have come from a step counting regime where 10,000 steps was the religious benchmark, you may have also been greatly disappointed when you received your apple watch and noticed that steps weren't as big of a deal on it!

No need to fret! The Pedometer++ app allows you put your step counter on your watch face and it does so very accurately mind you. Pedometer++ uses both your iPhone and Apple Watch to precisely calculate how many steps you have taken during the day. 


3. Best Workout App


If you lift weights at the gym, then you will appreciate how seamless it is to record your workouts with Gymatic! This app remember the hand motions that occur for a routine and automatically record the workout effort when you've activated the mode on your Apple Watch. I have personally only been using app for the past two weeks migrating from other buggy workout apps and have so far, only been impressed. 


4. Best Game App

Four Letters  

Gaming on your Apple Watch? Yes, not many games do play well on the Apple Watch without turning into cramped finger or arm however Four Letters is a quick and fun game that can be played with others too! I highly recommend this game for a quick few minutes of fun while in the waiting room and best of all, its free!


5. Best Rain Forecast App

Rain Parrot

Seriously, this app has personally saved me many times when out and about! This app will accurately predict to the minute when it is going to rain and how much rainfall it going to occur. This app has become indispensable and gives plenty of warning prior to the rainfall.
I highly recommend you grab this app if you haven't already!