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Apple Watch Bands - 3 Things You Need to Know

Apple Watch Bands Australia

We've been receiving a lot of questions about Apple Watch bands and how/what bands work with their relevant Apple Watches i.e. sports band on stainless steel etc and more.

After spending some time researching all the questions we've been receiving, we've come up with 3 key things Apple Watch buyers need to know prior to purchasing their shiny new band!

Apple Watch Bands OzStraps


1. Apple Watch Band Compatibility

One of the most common questions we receive is "can I put a Milanese loop on my Sports Apple Watch?". The answer is a definitive yes! 

All bands are compatible and interchangeable regardless of whether they are series 0/1/2, aluminium or stainless steel. Even the ceramic and Nike edition Apple Watches!

This means you can easily switch things up depending on the occasion, my personal favourites are the space grey aluminium with the Black Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band for casual/formal occasions, and then switching to the Black/Green Sports Apple Watch Band when it's time to hit the gym.

OzStraps Apple Watch Bands Main Picture 


2. Apple Watch Band Sizes

When looking for a replacement band to style things up a bit, you will need to assess two things. What is the size of your Apple Watch (38/40/42/44MM) and what band size you are thinking about to put on your Apple Watch (22/24MM).

This essentially means you can put any 22/42MM band on your Apple Watch as long as you purchase an Apple Watch Band Adapter!

Below is a table to simplify things further!

Apple Watch Series  Apple Watch Size Compatible Band Size
Series 0/1/2/3/4 38MM / 40MM 22MM
Series 0/1/2/3/4 42MM / 44MM 24MM

Alternatively, you can use the official Apple Watch Band Sizing Guide to compare sizes to specific products.


3. Apple Watch Band Adapters

As mentioned in Apple Watch Band Sizes section, If you want to use your own watch band on your Apple Watch, you can simply buy an Apple Watch adapter that will connect any normal watch band to your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Band Adapter Installation OzStraps

We've opted for the Spring Bar Style adapters which act more like a traditional watch band in terms of connectivity and simplicity(just remove the spring bar it comes off). We personally found the Screw Styles to be more of a nuisance with their tiny screws! I have personally lost more screws than I can count during band switch-overs but it does come down to personal preference.

As always, feel free to reach out to us at sales@ozstraps.com.au should you ever have any questions!

OzStraps Team 

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  • Jennifer Hare on

    how long are the straps on the single tour smaller apple watch bands? you give the size for the french calf bands but not for the single tour. thanks

  • OzStraps on

    @ Nikki
    We have put as much detail around the sizing on each of our product pages now – hopefully, that makes things much clearer!

    @ Valerie
    You can definitely put a 38mm band onto a 42mm however the only issue is the 38mm apple adapter will make it fall a bit short – so unless that doesn’t bother you, you can give that a shot!

    Feel free to shoot us a message/email if you require more details/help!

  • Valerie on

    Could you please advise if I can put a small band for the 38mm on a 42mm Apple 3 watch
    My husband purchased the 42mm for me but unfortunately the metal band is too large for my wrist. The magnetic band is double over to enable me to wear it
    Kind regards Valerie

  • Nikki on

    I have recently purchased some bands from Oz Straps and they have been awesome quality and delivered in lightning speed. I know you have size guides to determine width of bands for watch compatibility, but it would also be awesome of you could advise the length of the bands as one of the ones I purchased was way too long for my lady wrist!

  • Charlesnom on

    More info!

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