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How to Remove Links on your Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

Apple Watch Bands Australia

So you've purchased your shiny new Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band to give your Apple Watch a stylish yet more formal look for your daily work wear. The band arrives and you are eager to put it on and impress your colleagues - yes the Apple Watch can look great in formal occasions!

However... it doesn't fit... it's just too big :(

Apple Watch Bands Australia OzStraps Stainless Steel Link 1

Not to worry! Here is a guide to save you from the disdain of an oversized watch band and have you fully prepared to put that new stainless steel apple watch band on ASAP. 

How to Remove Links from a Apple Watch Band

1. Turn the watch onto its side and identify how many links you want to remove for the most appropriate fit. Don't worry if you don't get this right the first time, it is surprisingly easy to add/remove to adjust the length.

Apple Watch Bands Australia OzStraps Stainless Steel Link 2

2. For our Ceramic Style Stainless Steel Bands, simply use a pin to release the band link and remove as many links as required

Apple Watch Bands Australia OzStraps Stainless Steel Link 3

Alternatively for our Classic Stainless Steel Range you may need to use a watch link remover tool similar to that pictured below:

Apple Watch Bands Australia OzStraps Stainless Steel Link 4

3. Once complete, reinsert the pin to rejoin the bracelet!

We hope that this guide is of assistance, otherwise feel free to contact us at sales@ozstraps.com.au and we will be more than happy to give you a hand!

OzStraps Team

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  • Linda on

    I have a new Crescent Moon Apple Watch band. How do you remove links and as there is no clasp how do you get the watch on and off wrist.

  • Zakary on

    I am having extreme amount of trouble removing these links, I’ve got cuts on my fingers from the pressure,
    The machine broke INSTANTLY, and I’m using a nose ring, the iPhone pin, and I’m about to start throwing the thing.

  • Carla on

    OK, now trying to remove links on the other side and the plastic/metal bar first bent out of shape then snapped.
    I now have one side with a pin half reinserted and the other side too long and can’t shorten :)

  • Carla on

    It’s very fiddly but I’ve managed to use the link remover tool to take a couple of links out…can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the pin back in though. The pin widens slightly at one end so can’t be pushed in. Do I need to get a hammer to push in the last mm?

  • Ian Lindsay on

    Maybe add to the stainless steel instructions that the pins push OUT in the direction of the arrows. Also I bought two bands and broke both of the CHEAP tools supplied in the process of adjusting the bands. Never seen pins that are so hard to remove in either direction. I had to resort to a cut down sewing needle and a hammer to remove the pins. Also disappointed there was no micro adjustment in the clasp. Five links out was a little too tight and four out a little bit too loose. But other than those little hiccups, I’m really happy with the bands on our Galaxy Watches now they are fitted. Your shipping was great too. I ordered in Perth on the weekend and they arrived the following wednesday before Christmas. Thank you.

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