Apple Watch Stands & Charging Docks - Battle for the Best

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Many of you have reached out to us and asked if we would ever look into bringing Apple Watch stands and charging docks into our collection to match your shiny new Apple Watch bands. We thought this was a great idea and set off on a hunt to find a range of functional, yet stylish products that hopefully our customers would appreciate!

After many cycles of real world product testing we are pleased to introduce our first wave of Apple Watch stands and charging docks into the OzStraps collection:

Apple Watch Night Stand

Apple Watch Stands Night Stand OzStraps Australia

The Apple Watch Night stand is perfect for those who want a simple, yet effective solution to display and charge their Apple Watch.

This stand may not win any design of the year awards, however its minimalistic footprint ensures that is suited to almost any environment. Whether the Apple Watch Night Stand sits on your bedside table or at the office in front of your computer, it will definitely put a smile on your face when you take your Apple Watch off your wrist for a quick charge. 


  • Available in black or white colours
  • Made from a TPU material which ensures that it is tough!
  • Features a weighted and non-slip base to prevent accidentally knocking your Apple Watch off when scrambling to turn off your alarm (they are expensive devices after all!)
  • Compatible with all Apple Watches S0, S1, S2, S3 & Nike+ 

Apple Watch Stand - Silver Aluminium

A classy looking metal Apple Watch stand with cool looking bends, I don't think there is much more I need to say about this one! 

Jokes aside, the Silver Aluminium Apple Watch stand is definitely suited to those prefer a modern design to suit their gadgetry. For all those Apple fanatics out there this stand also sits perfectly alongside the silver MacBook or iMacs like two peas in a pod! Think of all of the Instagram worthy pictures you could take of your desk setup! ;) 


  • Made from silver aluminium
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Matches well with other products in the Apple product line
  • Compatible with all Apple Watches S0, S1, S2, S3 & Nike+ 

Bamboo Series Apple Watch Stands

Next up is our range of Bamboo Apple Watch Stands. A popular material for various types of modern furniture or even feature plants in the backyard, we thought it would be also be perfect to showcase your Apple Watch and other electronics in a stylish manner!

Bamboo Basic

Apple Watch Stands Bamboo Basic Australia OzStraps

The stand which takes up the smallest footprint in our Bamboo Apple Stand collection, the Bamboo Basic has two sections, one for your Apple Watch (complete with a slot for your Apple Watch magnetic charging cable) and another space for your smartphone. The Bamboo Basic has been popular amongst our customers who can't afford to lose too much desk real estate but still want to add a touch of style to their workstations!  


  • Simple yet functional design
  • Does not take up too much space on your desk
  • Compatible with all Apple Watches S0, S1, S2, S3 & Nike+ 

Bamboo Advanced

Next up in the Bamboo Series is the Bamboo Advanced Apple Watch Stand. This is a step up from the Basic solution by not only offering a holder for an Apple Watch (also has a slot for your Apple Watch magnetic charging cable), but also offering 4 slots which can hold various devices or items (e.g. a smartphones/tablets or any other item which can fit in between the slots really).

Another feature of the Bamboo Advanced Apple Watch stand is that it includes a stand for a pen as well - for those times when you need to sign an extremely important contract and you can't seem to find a pen, worry no more! :)


  • A step up from the Bamboo Basic solution, however not that much bigger physically
  • Has storage slots for additional devices/items
  • Pen holder ensures that you will always have access to a pen in emergency situations ;)
  • Compatible with all Apple Watches S0, S1, S2, S3 & Nike+ 

Bamboo Expert

USB ports integrated into a Bamboo Apple Watch stand?! We know what you're thinking, absolute madness!

Building on the solid foundations of the Bamboo Advanced Apple Watch stand, the Bamboo Expert adds a touch of technology with the inclusion of four powered USB ports (5V / 2A distributed across the ports). With an almost infinite number of USB powered devices available on the market these days we're sure that you can come up with some handy ways to utilise the four ports included on the Bamboo Expert.

USB powered bar fridge connected to your Bamboo Expert Apple Watch Stand anyone? ;)

Macintosh Style Apple Watch Stand

    For those who are old enough to remember Apple Mac Classic and VHS tapes, the Macintosh Style Apple Watch stand is a nostalgic tribute to the 80s/90s where technology was a lot simpler. The retro styling of the Macintosh Style Apple Watch band allows for an elegant blending between old and new and always sparks an interesting conversation whenever this stand is spotted.

    Looks aside, the Macintosh Style Apple Watch stand is also functional, allowing your Apple Watch to snap into place for a quick charge. Best used in combination with the retro styled watch face selected on the Apple Watch, the Macintosh Style stand is a fun way to remind us of how far technology has come over the last 20-30 years!


    We hope that this overview of our first wave of Apple Watch stands proves to be useful for you, we have tried our best to bring in a variety of different stands to suit different tastes, however as always feel free to contact us if you ever have any questions about any of the products discussed above (or even new product suggestions!). We're always open to feedback and would love to have a chat :)

    OzStraps Team