Best of the Stainless Steel Apple Watch Bands

  • 2 min read

Leather is elegant and sophisticated, however Stainless Steel represents class and a modern style that versatile enough for any situation.

From the moment I purchase an Apple Watch Band, I had my sights set on a stainless steel link bracelet to compliment it - metal just looks great on metal. So, now let's first see the bands that are available for both 38mm and 42mm Apple Watches.

Best Apple Watch Stainless Steel Bands

1. Ceramic Style Stainless Steel - $99

Premium without Compromise

 Matches Apples Premium styling but in Stainless Steel

 Adjustable links

 Adds weight to Apple Watch (subjective)

 Not gym-friendly

I've always enjoyed the design of the Apple Watch Ceramic edition watch band however there was one thing that put me off the band entirely... the ceramic itself was unfortunately not appealing to me as it did not 'shine'. That is when I came across the stainless steel version below which gave the premium shine and feeling that I was looking for!

Equipped with the link remover tool (simply a SIM card remover), you can customise and adjust the length of the band to ensure the most comfort. It might cost a lot, but if you're a watch enthusiast, there's not substitute for quality. Check out the bandavailable in Black and Silver.



2. Milanese Loop - $39.99

Cheaper, but just as nice as Apple's

 Comfortable, breathable

 Adjustable magnetic enclosure

 Adds a premium, elegant look

 Can get arm hair caught 

This is definitely the most versatile of the Apple Watch Stainless Steel bands. I have personally used the Milanese Loop in many occasions ranging from daily work to weddings and even at the gym doing weights! 

It is without fail the most comfortable of the stainless steel bands I've worn and catches the eye of others with it's unique design. I highly recommend you to add the Milanese Loop to your Apple Watch Band collection if you haven't done so already!

Available in Black, Silver, Rose Gold and Gold


Classic Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band

3. Classic Stainless Steel - $49.99

Link bracelet on a budget

 Adjustable link sizing

 Looks more premium than it costs

 Requires a link removal tool to adjust size

Not gym-friendly

With a look akin to high-end mechanical watches, the Classic Stainless Steel possesses a sophisticated sheen that the others don't. This band represents elegance and simplicity in its design giving it the attention that is warranted. If you want to stand out from the cloud at the fraction of the price of the Apple Link bracelet, purchase the Classic Stainless Steel available in Black, Silver, Rose Gold & Gold