5 Must Have Apps for your Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 in 2023

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Following our 5 Must Have Apps for your Apple Watch in 2017 article, we thought it was once again only fair that we also provide a write up for the Samsung Galaxy Gear S3!


Ever wanted to watch YouTube videos on your Galaxy Gear S3? 

.. Can't say we have either, but either way it is an awesome app to have that shows off the power of the little Samsung smartwatch and also acts as a great party trick. Who knows? you might be caught on occasion where you can't be bothered getting your phone out or don't have access to it and feel like watching a quick video on your wrist :)

 Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Watch Bands Apps Xenozu

2. Find My Car

I don't lose many things these days, but one thing that I do lose often is my car in a parking lot :( 

Find my car is an awesome app for the Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 that allows you to drop a pin to locate where you parked your car after you're done with your grocery shopping by using the built-in GPS of the Gear S3. Awesome stuff!

Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Watch Bands Apps Find My Car 

3. Uber

This one is self explanatory, Uber is great. Having it available on your Galaxy Gear S3 without having to use your smartphone is even better! 

 Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Watch Bands Apps Uber

4. Speedometer for Gear

For those times when you're on a bullet train in Japan and want to see how fast it is really travelling using your Samsung Galaxy Gear S3. Speedometer for Gear is the perfect Gear S3 app for this! The app utilises the built-in GPS for speed measurements and is able to log your results in different types of fancy graphs. 

 Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Watch Bands Apps Speedometer

5. Calculator

Don't you miss the days of the Casio calculator watches? :( Never fear! the trusty Calculator app on the Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 will ensure that you are not only able to relive the days of the calculator watch, but also have a calculator available on your wrist at any time when you forget your times tables. A simple yet effective app, just the way we like it at OzStraps!

Samsung Galaxy Gear S3 Watch Bands Apps Calculator

That wraps up our top 5 apps of choice for the Samsung Galaxy Gear S3! Feel free to shoot us a message at sales@ozstraps.com.au should you have any suggestions for future articles we publish on the Galaxy Gear S3 or smartwatches in general!


OzStraps Team