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Review: Milanese Loop Apple Watch Band

Ah the infamous Milanese Loop that was introduced into mainstream thanks to the Apple Watch. My initial impressions of this band was simple... I didn't like it.

In the 9 months that I've been wearing my Apple Watch Series 2. There was just something about the mesh design that made me think that it looked a bit too feminine for my taste.

However, this all changed about a month ago when I decided to just give it a go on my apple watch...  

Let's assess some of the 'abilities' of the Milanese loop apple watch band:

Checked free iconComfort-ability

What can I say... it seriously impressed me in terms of comfort! I had thought the leather loop series was the pinnacle of comfortable apple watch bands however the Milanese loop might just match it! 

Checked free iconAdjust-ability

The Milanese loop apple watch band is infinitely adjustable - provided that your wrist isn't too small that the band loops around to the watch face! To adjust, you simply lift off strong magnetic buckle off and move it onto another part of the mesh, easy! 


Checked free iconBreath-ability

One of the greatest upsides to the mesh design is that it allows for a breathable band. That's right, no need to have a smelly band after a sweaty run to make it to the train station on time anymore. Matter of fact, I wear the Milanese loop apple watch band to the gym without a single issue nor sniff of foul scent.

Checked free iconPurchase-ability

I most definitely would recommend the Milanese apple watch band! It is little wonder why the Milanese loop is the most popular of all apple watch bands available when you have gone through all of the above. It does complement my collection of bands quite well, a band for every situation!


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