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Apple Watch Series 5 is finally here! Which Straps/Accessories Fit?

  • 3 min read


Apple Watch Series 5 OzStraps Titanium

Today is the day, the new Apple Watch Series 5 is now available and we're very excited ( for those of those who are picking up their shiny new Apple Watch Series 5 today, we are also quite jealous! 😅).

With this new release, we've been contacted quite regularly with questions regarding watch band and accessory fitment for the new Apple Watch Series 5. Long story short, all of our existing bands and accessories are compatible with the new Apple Watch Series 5 !

To summarise, please use the following guide when purchasing items for your new Apple Watch Series 5:


  • 40MM Apple Watch Series 5 - all "38MM/40MM" bands are compatible
  • 44MM Apple Watch Series 5 - all "42MM/44MM" bands are compatible

For the fans of our popular Milanese Loop band, you can refer to the following table we have created for the best colour match for your new watch!

Apple Watch Series Colour Type
Colour Match
5 Space Grey Aluminium

Space Grey Milanese Loop

5 Space Black Stainless Steel

Black Milanese Loop

5 Silver Aluminium Silver Milanese Loop
5 Silver Stainless Steel
Silver Milanese Loop
5 Gold Aluminium Aurum Gold Milanese Loop
5 Gold Stainless Steel Bronze Milanese Loop


  • 40MM Apple Watch Series 5 - all "40MM" accessories are compatible
  • 44MM Apple Watch Series 5 - all "44MM" accessories are compatible

What's new in Apple Watch Series 5?

So the good news is that all of our Apple Watch straps and accessories are compatible with the new Apple Watch Series 5, but the question you're most likely asking is should you buy it? or perhaps upgrade your existing Apple Watch?

The short answer is that this depends on what you currently have and what you're looking to get out of your Apple Watch. In general, for those with Apple Watch Series 0-3 I would recommend upgrading to the Apple Watch Series 5 due to the increase in performance and features, however for those on the Series 4 I would perhaps recommend waiting a generation or so to see if any larger updates to the Apple Watch come to fruition before making a purchase.

So then, What exactly are the main new features in the Apple Watch Series 5?

Always On Display

New display technology allows the Apple Watch Series 5 display to be "always on". This means that you no longer have to rotate your wrist for the watch face display to turn on, as it is always displaying the information you have chosen to show on the face of the device. This is the first time this feature has appeared on an Apple Watch and is definitely a selling point for those who hated rotating their wrists then waiting for the display to turn on with the older Apple Watches.


The Apple Watch Series 5 now has a built in compass. For those explorers out there, this may prove to be very useful during those camping trips. Who needs a map these days anyway? For the majority of users out there this may not be that useful in day to day usage, however I guess it could make for a pretty cool party trick?

New Finishes

The Apple Watch Series 5 will be available in a new Titanium and Ceramic finish, in addition to the Aluminium and Stainless Steel versions we have seen for the last few years!

So then, what do you think? Will you be upgrading to the new Apple Watch Series 5 this year around? Let us know!