Garmin Band Guide - Quick Fit or Screw-In (Non Quick Release)?

  • 2 min read

A question our customers often ask us is "What is the difference between QuickFit and Screw-In (often referred to as "Non Quick Release") bands for my Garmin smartwatch?"

We don't blame you for being confused, it's hard enough to decide what design of band would best suit your lifestyle and fashion sense let alone know what type of adapter is most suitable!

To summarise: QuickFit and Screw-In are different fitting types in which are used in our bands to suit various Garmin smartwatches. Let's make this easy and break it down for you :)


Starting with the most straight forward of Garmin watch band fittings, the QuickFit system allows users to quick swap their watch band over by pushing the QuickFit button downwards. Doing so will release the band from the lug installed on the Garmin smartwatch: 

 Garmin QuickFit Watch Bands OzStraps Australia

Installation of a new watch band which utilises a QuickFit adapter is simply the reverse process, push down on the button and press the groove over the lug on the watch.


Screw-In (Non Quick Release)

Often referred to as "Non Quick Release", Screw-In bands for Garmin Smartwatches utilise two screws at either end of a spring bar/lug which fix the strap into place. If you have received two screwdrivers with your newly purchased OzStraps item, you most likely have a Screw-In band!

Garmin Non Quick Release Screw-In Watch Bands OzStraps Australia

The process in order to remove a Screw-In (Non Quick Release) band is as simple as putting one screw driver on each side of the lug holding the band together, and rotating in opposite directions (anti-clockwise). We personally find it easier in the OzStraps office to hold one screwdriver still, while rotating the other side anti clockwise.

Once the mechanism has been succesfully released, you will be left with a lug and a screw. You can either reuse these two items to install your next Screw-In band, or reinstall them in the band you have just removed for safe keeping/future use.  

Installation of a Screw In band is very straight forward, simply follow the steps below:

  • Insert your band in your Garmin smartwatch device (make sure there is no existing band installed).
  • Insert the lug from the hole situated on one side of the watch, this will then thread through the band.
  • Insert the screw from the hole situated on the other side of the watch
  • Place a screwdriver on each side of the lug/screw and rotate clockwise to fix your new band onto your Garmin smartwatch.

And that's it! easy as pie :)

If you are feeling a bit confused however as to how to remove or install your new Garmin watch band, feel free to contact our team at and we will be able to assist you further.