How to Change an Apple Watch Band

  • 2 min read

While you bought your Apple Watch because of its functionality and what it does for you, making it part of your style is important too. One of the ways to do so is to change the band. You will have to consider your preferences in terms of colour. As such you will have to choose anything ranging from stainless steel, space black, aluminium, and rose gold. The band you select should of necessity be the right size.

For most individuals, the band they spot on their watch would depend on whether they will be wearing it to the office or to the gym. It’s akin to the way you change your clothes. But to be able to change an Apple Watch band, you need to learn how to do it. Here is an easy way to change an Apple Watch band:

Step 1. Pressing the Band Release Buttons

The band is attached to the watch in a simple way. To remove the band, you do not need to use any tools. The process takes a very short time.

Start by flipping the watch over to the underside. You can start either on the shorter or longer side. There are sensors on both sides of the watch which appear like two tiny buttons. Press each of the sensors to release the band on each of the sides.

It is possible that the notch will be visible but unresponsive. You don’t have to struggle with it. Use a pencil eraser in a gentle way to press the buttons in.

Step 2. Sliding Off the Apple Watch Band

Once you have pressed the band release buttons, what remains is to slide off the apple watch band. Use a free hand to do this. It neither requires the use of a tool or too much force to slide the band out of place. Do it on one side of the watch and move to the other.

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Step 3. Selecting the Right Apple Watch Band

You need to know which band you are going to install on your watch. Pick the bands in terms of the right size and design. If you are buying from the Apple Store, you should be prepared to pay a premium price.

If you want to buy at a bargain price, you should consider third-party bands. They work just as well as the Apple-branded bands. It is advisable that you buy several bands, which you will slide on as need be.

Step 4. Sliding On a New Apple Watch Band

So you want to go to the office and you have just selected the right Apple watch band. Take it into your hand and slide it into place. As the lugs fall into place, you should hear a loud ‘click’. Do the same on the other side and wait until you hear the ‘click’. Your watch may not be new, but it will surely look different.