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Apple Watch 7 - What You Need to know!

  • 2 min read

Apple Watch Series 7 made its public debut ahead of a launch sometime this year. While we don’t yet know the exact release date beyond ‘later this fall’, we do have answers to frequently asked questions you may be asking.

What are the new Apple Watch sizes?

Apple Watch Series 7 comes in two new sizes:

  • 41mmApple Watch Series 7
  • 45mmApple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch sizes refer to the vertical case height which has increased over the years, but the width has maintained a similar enough size. With the 45mm being the largest to date!


Will my existing Apple Watch bands work with Series 7?

Luckily Apple has promised that all existing Apple Watch bands will work with the Series 7 and its larger displays, so if you've amassed a collection of awesome band from OzStraps, it won't be worthless should you decide to upgrade, yay! To keep things easy, here's some dot points on how the compatibility works:

  • 41MM bandsare compatible with 38MM / 40MM bands
  • 45MM bands are compatible with 42MM / 44MM bands

When you shop for Apple Watch bands now, you can choose between the 41mm and 45mm case sizes for compatibility!

What size Apple Watch band should I get?

While an Apple Watch band may be adjustable, the size of the case is crucial to get right before purchasing. Here are the 2 simple steps to help identify which Apple Watch you own and to get the right corresponding size to suit:

  1. Check the back of your Apple Watch

    Yep that's right! Just check the back of your watch and it should read something along the lines of Apple Watch - Series X - XXMM - Stainless Steel / Aluminium with the 'X' being the model that you own. The important part being which Series and Size model you own i.e. Series 4, 44mm

    Size Guide - How to choose your watch bands?

  2. Measure your wrist
    The ideal apple watch fit is neither too loose nor too tight. Your palm has to be able to move freely without limiting the blood flow in your wrist. Good circulation is essential for health, performance, and ultimately your style. To measure your wrist, simply find a measuring tape or piece of string. Wrap the tape loosely around your wrist, take the measurements and add half a centimetre to be on the safe side!

Whether you're buying new bands for your current Apple Watch or shiny new Series 7 Apple Watch, we at OzStraps are here to assist! As always, feel free to reach out to us via