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OzStraps x MediStyle - Can't wear your watch on your wrist? We have you covered!

Work in an industry where you aren't allowed to wear your smartwatch on your wrist? Or perhaps you simply don't like the feeling of your watch dangling on your arm all day! Through our recent partnership with a local Australian brand MediStyle, we now have a perfect solution for you.

Introducing our range of MediStyle watch fobs for the Apple Watch, Fitbit and Samsung smartwatch devices:

These smart watch pin fobs allow you to pin your watch to a piece of clothing that you are wearing so you can securely carry your device on you throughout your working day. The use of a smart watch pin fob also enables you to stay on top of the various notifications you receive on your phone while tracking and completing the various fitness exercise goals that you may be trying to achieve every day!

You can shop our current range of smartwatch fob pins below:

Apple Watch



Our Nurse Pin Fob range utilises a secure safety clip enclosure to ensure that your device is not only securely fastened, but also easy and straight forward to put on and remove!

Let us know if you like seeing innovative products like this in our store! A big thank you goes out to to our friends at MediStyle.

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