Product Spotlight: Apple Watch Active Series

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Apple Watch Active Series Bands Straps OzStraps Australia Silicone


The Apple Watch Active Series, a quiet achiever in the OzStraps range. While it isn't nearly as popular as the other straps in our collection it has recently become my band of choice for daily wear. Why so? Let me explain!


To be honest I always liked the silicone strap that came in the box with my original Apple Watch, it was minimal and comfortable. However, I did feel that it was a bit plain and "cheap looking". Considering I had just spent a significant amount of my savings on the Apple Watch, I couldn't help but feel that the silicone strap that came with it didn't do it justice!

This is where the Active Series band slots in perfectly. Made of a fluororubber material it feels quite similar to the silicone strap, however it has a much more premium look and feel. Dare I say it, I'd even go so far as to say the Active Series strap makes the Apple Watch look like an expensive bit of kit when paired with the correct colour combination.

Apple Watch Active Series Strap Band OzStraps

Apple Watch Active Series Band Strap OzStraps Australia


Flexible, soft, bendy, accommodating. Just a few word's I'd use to describe the how the Active Series band feels on your wrist. The advantage fluororubber and silicone bands have over their leather and stainless steel counterparts is definitely comfort. What they are not as good at in general however, is the premium look and feel as mentioned previously.

The Active Series straps are the best of both worlds, I have been wearing mine to the office most days in corporate dress, hitting the gym after work and even wore it during a go-karting session in the heavy rain! Definitely a jack of all trades strap :)


At $29.99 AUD shipped via express shipping its a no brainer we think! ;)


We hope you have enjoyed this little write-up, as always feel free to contact us if there are any products you'd like to learn a bit more about in the OzStraps range!

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