Top 5 Must Have Apple Watch Accessories

  • 2 min read

Apple Watch Stands

Apple Watch Bamboo Stand

Every Apple Watch user will attest to how clumsy the Apple provided watch charger can be! How many times have you accidentally knocked your precious Apple Watch off your side table when searching to turn on that lamp or check your iPhone!

A nightstand becomes a must-have for these very reasons, not to mention the aesthetic benefit of having it all organised and easily accessed. My personal favourite is the Macintosh style nightstand - this particular stand makes full use of the night mode with the Apple Watch turned to its side and also gives you that nostalgic feeling to boot!


Screen Protectors

Apple Watch Full Protection Case Silver

Personally, the hype of how strong the Ion-X or the ‘Sapphire Glass’ was, only lasted a week before my Apple Watch experienced its first crack. All I can recall is simply putting the Apple Watch momentarily into my pocket alongside my wallet - however, I am still to this day unsure exactly how the crack occurred.

Nevertheless, if I were to go back in time I would definitely invest in at the bare minimum a tempered screen protector. The great thing about the tempered screen protector on offer is that it is seamless in it’s application to the Apple Watch and blends in like nothing is there! So you can enjoy the Apple Watch being protected without the obviousness of it being there! Aha! Exactly what I would personally go for.


Bumper Case

Apple Watch Case Cover Gold

The screen isn’t the only part of the Apple Watch that is prone to be damaged! If you’ve ever accidentally dropped your Apple Watch or simply smacked it against the wall/table from day-to-day usage, 90% of the time, the first thing that would be damaged is the case itself!

Not to worry! There is a protector for that! A simple yet functional case protector or if you’d prefer, the more comprehensive TPU or Full protection case ensure that your Apple Watch stays safe all the time. The protectors are cheap enough to replace if you happen to damage them also, so it is a win-win situation to keep your Apple Watch in pristine condition!


Portable chargers

    Ahh, the glorious mess that is the provided Apple Watch charger! Definitely not the most ergonomic charger to bring with you on your journeys around town or overseas - wires tangled around everywhere, alongside a small magnetic charging circle makes it both easy to lose and a hassle to store.

    This is where the portable chargers come into play! With options available to either use a tool to wind up the Apple Watch charger or even act as a power bank to charge your Apple Watch 3 times! This is a must-have for any avid traveller.


    Apple Watch Storage Case

    Updating to the latest Apple Watch Bands can get addictive! So addictive that you have more bands than you realise and not have anywhere to store them. This is bound to become a problem for any Apple Watch band enthusiast.