NATO Bands History and How to Wear Them

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The type of wrist strap you put on your watch largely depends on the weather. You do not, therefore, have to wear a stainless steel band when it is hot and humid. One of the best options is a NATO strap.

This strap was developed by the Ministry of Defense in Britain for use by the military in rugged conditions. The strap is a one-piece affair that slides underneath the watch so that the metal part does not have to touch your skin. It is meant to be worn in hot weather thanks to the nylon which wicks away moisture from perspiration. The design allows the strap to stay in place even when a spring bar gets out of place.

NATO bands are known for their great simplicity and inclination to securely hold your watch in place. When it was made by the British Ministry of Defense in 1973, the color of the band was initially admiralty grey. Soon the style grew in popularity thus prompting the British Military to start producing them in different colors depending on the regiment one belongs to.

Although the original size of the NATO band was 20mm wide, it is now also available in the 22mm wide design. You are, therefore, free to choose the band that best serves your needs.

What Would You Wear With A NATO Band?

Historically, NATO bands were worn by the military as an accessory to their watches. That’s why it was considered a part of the basic military gear. After wide adoption, NATO watches can now be worn with just about any outfit. You may want to wear it with the following:

  1. A Watch Accessory

You can basically choose any NATO band color as an accessory to your watch. It all boils down to the look you want. Black bands are neutral and are great for a simple but sleek look. To add a splash of color to your outfit, why not try a band with a combination of three colors.

  1. Casual Outfit

If you are out to spot a more casual look, you can use NATO watch bands to nicely bring it out. If you have a bright outfit, consider pairing it with a colorful NATO strap. On the other hand, simple jeans and t-shirt combination works well with a neutral black NATO band.

  1. Smart

Do you intend to wear a formal, smart outfit? If ‘yes’, then you need a NATO band with a neutral color that blends in pretty well. It doesn’t matter if it is a black slim-fit suit and shirt or not. Complete your formal look using crisp leather shoes.

  1. Smart Casual

Although smart casual outfits are usually neutral in color, you can still wear a brightly colored NATO watch band such as the crimson red NATO strap. You don’t have to wear an oxford collar shirt. A granddad look will do the trick. You can wear that together with a pair of slim fit jeans. You can brighten your outfit further with the help of some colorful footwear.

If you haven’t bought some NATO watch bands, the time is now!