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Top 4 SmartWatches to Help You Keep Fit

Fitness Smartwatch

Apart from being some of the best accessories to smartphones, smart watches track how much you are exercising using GPS. They might be good looking, but one of the reasons you should buy a smartwatch is to get fitter. A smartwatch is your best friend when it comes to tracking how much you are achieving your fitness goals.

The following are some of the best smartwatches for the fitness conscious individuals:

Apple Watch 3


It is hard to find a smartwatch that is better than this particular one. It could be an improvement on the previous Apple Watch 2 version but this watch stands miles apart from its predecessor. It is made in two versions the LTE version and the non-LTE one. While the former gives you improves connectivity, the latter has a much longer battery life.

All individuals who are into swimming should buy this water-resistant watch for use when they go out to the pool. If anything, you don’t have to stop jogging just because it is raining outside. The GPS feature can help you how far you are running. You will also appreciate it for its easy-to-use operating system which is the latest WatchOS 4.

Samsung Gear Sport

You will know this is a Samsung watch simply by looking at its now too familiar premium built. Its exceptionally clear screen makes up for the lack of original Samsung apps.

Samsung Gear Sport comes with an offline playback option for Spotify. You can, therefore, listen to your favorite music tracks as you run down the street on a cool morning. The inbuilt GPS is useful when it comes to tracking the number of miles clocked in your run. The watch is also waterproof and can be used by those taking a plunge on a sunny afternoon. That is reason enough for a fitness enthusiast to buy this watch.

Fitbit Ionic

This is the larger version of the Fitbit Versa. It is only the second smartwatch by Fitbit, one of the biggest players in tech geared towards fitness tracking.

Fitbit Versa has 2.5GB storage, enables contactless payment, and a 3-day battery life. For the fitness inclined, the watch is useful when it comes to tracking your progress in swimming, weightlifting, and running. It comes with some inbuilt bodyweight coaching lessons.

Garmin Forerunner 735XT

The Garmin Forerunner 735XT might not be a smartwatch as such but is good enough for everyone looking to track their fitness goals. It is a running watch that can connect to your smartphone at best.

If all you want is to keep fit, you have no reason looking any further than this watch. Use it to track the miles as you keep going further and further towards your fitness goals.  Its incomparable battery life is a feature that stands out even among the best smartwatches.

People buy smartwatches for different reasons. For those hoping to make quick strides in their fitness goals, buying a smartwatch is a step in the right direction. Only be sure that you are buying what you need.

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